Organized File Cabinets

Diana was a joy to work with. She helped me with a mess that I did not know how to start organizing. We got the job done and she made it a fun experience. I will use her again.

Candy Sokolski

Organized Kitchen

I was very impressed with Diana’s professionalism, response time, and feedback on organizing my space. We accomplished so much in 3 hours than what I have been trying to work on for months. I think the expertise she offers is very valuable and is a great investment. I would definitely use her again, as well as recommend her to my family and friends.

Christine Abear

Organized Home Office

I had the pleasure in working with Diana this year and she is AMAZING. I hired her to teach me the tricks of the trade of home organization with a Lean Process Strategy. The everyday tasks were simplified and easy to maintain and life changing. She is also a true professional who has no judgment. Instead she is very encouraging and positive. I will be calling on her for future projects.

Carolina Lobito

Organized Child’s Room

Working with Diana of Uniquely Enhanced Spaces has been such an amazing experience. Not only did she teach me how to organize, she opened up my eyes to the benefits of organization. My six year old used to throw her things everywhere because she didn’t know what to do with them. With Diana’s help my daughter now has a place for all her things which means less of a mess and less stress. Looking forward to working with her again.

Lelah Gonzalez

Organized Kitchen Cabinets

When it comes to organization, what can I say, it’s not my wife’s strong point.  I hired Diana of Uniquely Enhanced Spaces to help my wife organize our kitchen.  What a relief to go into the kitchen and to actually find what I need!

Mario Young

Home Office and Craft Room

I’m normally an organized person, but there were so many things in my home office/craft room that just made me go “ugh”.  Diana helped me push past the “ugh” to make some real decisions, clear the clutter, and organize what we decided to keep. The room no longer makes me go “ugh!”.

Abby Anderson

Organized Closets

Diana Carlos is delightful, professional, and has great ideas. She is very organized and makes the experience fun and pleasant.

Donna Pikulsky

Organized Kitchen and Paperwork

Thank you so much for your help, Diana! It’s made such a positive difference in my life already. You were so kind and helpful. You were never judgemental. I truly appreciate your understanding and professionalism. I hope to work with you again soon. You are a blessing!

Noreen Sooter

De-cluttered Home

I wanted to clear the clutter and Diana helped me do just that. She gave me rules which helps me tremendously. Sometimes clutter paralyzes me and I just don’t know what to do. But if I refer back to my rules, I can get organizing and clutter busting done even when she’s not with me. But sometimes you need some hand holding to get started. I’m very happy with the results and process. I look forward to using Uniquely Enhanced Spaces for maintenance and helping with other trouble areas needing organizing.

Julie Vieillemaringe

Organized Home Office Closet

I had two closets in my home that were causing me so much stress. Things just kept taking priority over the projects and the closets kept getting worse and worse. I would open my office closet with good intentions and then just as quickly close it because I had no idea what to do to create a well organized multifunctional space. I operate a busy Pet Sitting business from my home and I desperately needed storage and organization solutions. I really like that Diana belongs to a professional association NAPO for professional organizers. To me that shows a commitment to professionalism and continued education.

Diana answered many of my questions over the phone and we set an appointment for a consultation. During the consultation she really listened to my concerns and helped me define my goals. She developed a plan for three sessions to tackle the closets. She was completely non-judgmental and sensitive during the process. She has great product knowledge and knew just what products I needed to get the job done. I was very comfortable with her in my home and she was GREAT with my dogs, who didn’t understand why they couldn’t help with the process. She is easy to be around and has a good sense of humor.

I can’t tell you what a relief it is to open those closet doors now! I highly recommend Uniquely Enhanced Spaces and Diana’s services. Give them a call you will be so happy you did!

Mary Ellen Hobbs
Owner of Pet Waggin’
Long Beach, CA