Organized Closet

Let me tell you, as a college kid who is always on the go, the last thing on my mind is keeping my closet and drawers organized. After spending tons of money on clothes, I realized that these expensive items were just being thrown around and collecting dust.  I thought to myself, “who needs a professional organizer, I can do this myself.” Well I tried, and let me tell you it came out just as bad as it was before I cleaned it. So I finally gave Diana a call.  She was very professional, friendly and clear about what she was going to do. In little time, I walked into my closet only to notice a drastic transformation. My clothes were neatly organized by short sleeve and long sleeve, and even by color. My drawers were no longer crammed like a can of sardines. Diana Carlos made my life so much easier, I no longer have to stress about the mess or ruining any expensive clothes!

Mark Torres

- Posted on July 25th, 2012 in Testimonials