How to Organize Your Car

Learn how to organize your car in 3 easy steps!

Having a cluttered car is just as bad as having a cluttered home. The clutter stresses you out, you feel embarrassed to have others in that space, and you can’t find things when you need them. Taking time to de-clutter and organize your car will not only make your commute more┬á´┐╝pleasant, you’ll actually feel like you’re driving a car and not a mobile storage unit. I have 3 steps that will help you get your car in shape.

Step 1: Toss the trash

Grab a trash bag, search through every space both inside the car and in the trunk, gather the trash, and toss it out. There are many small trash bins you can use in your car, here is one you can find on

Step 2: De-clutter and organize the interior of your car

There are a lot of small spaces for clutter to hide inside of a car. Start on one end of the car and look inside each compartment. Make sure to go through every area:

The best way to organize any space is to keep like with like. Give purpose to each compartment and only store the items needed for that purpose. For example, you can store auto manuals, registration, insurance information, and a flashlight in the glove box. You can use the center console for storing personal items such as tissue, napkins, hand sanitizer, mints, etc. Make sure you have a space for your sunglasses, chargers, your kids’ stuff, and other items you need stored in your car.

Here are a few products that will keep your car organized, especially if you have kids:



Step 3: Organize the trunk

The trunk can easily become a clutter trap. I often tell my clients to embrace empty space. Take everything out of the trunk and put it into “like” piles on the ground. Now, decide what you really need in the trunk and then only put those items back. Use a trunk organizer to keep items in place. Try to keep everything you need in the organizer and as little as possible outside of the organizer.

Here’s an idea for a trunk organizer:

Just like our homes, our cars need to be cleaned out on a regular basis. Take a few minutes each week to de-clutter and organize your car.



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- Posted on September 18th, 2017 in Blog