Organize Your Laundry Routine


Doing the laundry is definitely a chore and most of us would rather do something else on a Saturday morning. Lack of a laundry routine and a disorganized laundry space makes laundry day even more miserable. Making a few adjustments in your routine and in your laundry room can make the process a little more bearable.

1. Organize with zones

Having an organized space for laundry makes the entire process more manageable and will make it easier for the entire family to help out.

  • • Clean out the junk by removing anything from this room that does not have to do with the laundry.
  • • Arrange items on shelves and cabinets by category: detergents, softeners, stain removers, bleach, etc.
  • • Label shelves, cabinets, and containers to make it easier for all family members to find supplies
  • • If space allows, place laundry baskets in this space for sorting laundry
  • • Create zones in your laundry room to make it easy to find what you need and to keep the room organized.

Laundry Room Zone Ideas
• Area for detergents, stain removers, and other supplies
• Rack for drying clothes
• Small basket for collecting items found in pockets, loose buttons, or missing socks
• Ironing area
• Laundry hampers for dirty clothes
• Laundry basket for transporting clean clothes
• A basket or bag for clothes that need dry cleaning

2. Get the family involved

Even small children can learn to sort laundry. Teach your family to take laundry to the hamper or to sort clothes into laundry hampers. They can also help with emptying the dryer and folding clothes. Older kids can be taught to sort and wash their own clothes. Doing the laundry is definitely a skill we all have to master at some point or another.

3. Create a laundry schedule

Do the laundry on one or two days. For example, clothes on one day and linens on another. If you need to wash more than once a week, usually washing midweek and then again on the weekend works well. For some, doing one or two loads per day works better. This is something you will have to try on your household and then choose what works best.

4. Make it easy to put dirty laundry away

Place a hamper in each bedroom and in the bathroom or laundry room. If you don’t have enough space, place all hampers in one space and then label them according to type of load: whites, light colors, dark colors, and towels/linens.

If you are finding clothes on the floor next to the hamper instead of in the hamper, remove the lid. For kids, place a basketball hoop over the hamper to make putting dirty laundry away more exciting.

5. Develop a routine for dirty laundry

Teach family members to sort and put their own dirty laundry in hampers. When the hamper is full that’s the signal to wash a load or simply follow a weekly schedule. Again, there is no one right way and it’s important to do what works best for your household.

6. Develop a routine for clean laundry

Create a space to hang clothes that must be air dried or laid flat to dry. Put all other clothes in the dryer immediately. There is nothing worse than having to wash the same load twice because it sat in the washing machine for two days. When clothes are dry, sort and give to each family member to fold or place on hangers in the closet.


Uniquely Enhanced Spaces works with busy families who want to eliminate the stuff that fills their home and stresses them out so that they can spend more time enjoying life. We serve Lakewood, Long Beach, and surrounding areas in Los Angeles and Orange County. Call (562) 833-4577 for a free consultation.

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Simple Shoe Storage Solutions

shoe storageThere are so many products out there for shoe storage and it can be overwhelming if you don’t know which product to choose. We often rely on trial and error to help us make a decision but that can be time consuming and frustrating. The key to finding the perfect shoe storage solution for “YOU” is to find one that compliments your shoe collection, the size of your storage space, and your budget.

Before you make a purchase, measure your closet so you have a better idea of what might fit. There are so many options for storing shoes but I am listing the most popular and easy to find.

Shoe Storage Options for Closet

For closet shelf

If you have ample shelf storage, then this option is for you. If you have more than one shelf in your closet, keep shoes used regularly on a bottom shelf and seasonal shoes on an upper shelf.

  • Plastic Shoe Boxes – This is an economical option for shelf storage. I suggest clear plastic so that you can see what is inside the box. There are now options for standard size shoes, boots, and men’s shoes. Labeling each box or placing a picture of the shoes on the front of the box will make it easy to locate your shoes.
  • Canvas Shoe Box Organizers – This option usually has a window in the front so you can what is inside. No labeling needed and they stack well.

For hanging on rod

If shelf space is limited, then using your closet rod for shoe storage will work just as well.

  • The Hanging Shoe Organizer – This option will store up to 10 pairs of shoes. There are two options for this design. You can store 10 pairs of shoes vertically if you have vertical space or you can store 5 pairs of shoes in two columns if you have horizontal space. There is no installation, you simply hang the organizer on the rod. The only draw back is if you have a large shoe collection, you will need a lot of rod space.
  • Shoe Carousels – You can also hang this unit from your hanging rod. A swivel hanger that spins 360 degrees makes is possible to access every pocket. The unit shown below holds 40 pairs of shoes and can be found at Walmart.

For closet floor

If shelf and rod space are not available, then using the floor is an option. Most closet floors are not used to their full potential. Shoe shelves hold several pairs of shoes and make choosing shoes quick and easy.

  • Shoe Shelves – you can find shoe shelves in different sizes and styles. Some options are also stackable. The shelf you choose will depend if you have horizontal space to line the shelves up side-by-side or vertical space to stack the shelves. The only problem with this option is boot storage is limited to the top shelf and if you are storing men’s shoes, make sure you buy a sturdy model.

Back of the door

A small closet can make it difficult to store shoes inside the space. Unused door space is a great option. Again, not ideal for boots and other large shoes but this solution holds plenty of shoes and is easily accessible.

  • Door Shoe Rack – This offers small shelf like storage to keep shoes from becoming crushed or damaged.
  • Door Shoe Pockets – A good option for smaller shoes or flats. The one problem is that shoes can become smashed within the pocket if they are too big. This option is great for kids shoes and flat heeled shoes.

Shoe Storage Options for Outside the Closet

Under the bed storage

If you have a small closet then under bed storage is a good option. It is not as convenient as a shoe rack or shelving system but if space is a problem then this option is for you. Under bed storage is especially useful for seasonal shoes where you don’t need to access the shoes on a daily basis.

  • Zippered Storage Bag – A zippered bag protects your shoes from dust. There are 12 compartments that will hold average size shoes. Large shoes and boots will not fit in this bag. However, under the bed storage bags without dividers will hold larger shoes and boots.

Free standing storage

If closet space and under the bed space is limited, then a free standing shoe storage unit may work. These units can be placed in a corner or small space in any room.

  • Revolving Shoe Tree – This is a great option for corner storage either inside or outside the closet. It holds up to 24 pairs of shoes and can be adjusted to fit larger shoes.
  • Shoe Cabinet – A cabinet hides shoes so that it appears to be a piece of furniture when the doors are closed. Some units are all shelves, while others have a combination of shelves and drawers. This is a convenient and attractive way to store your shoes.
  • Shoe Rack – a shoe rack is similar to a shoe shelf in that it can also be placed on a closet floor. The shoes are out in the open so there isn’t much protection from dust but it is an affordable option. The shoe rack is a good choice for kids since the shoes are visible and easy to reach.

Uniquely Enhanced Spaces works with busy families who want to eliminate the stuff that fills their home and stresses them out so that they can spend more time enjoying life. Serving Lakewood, Long Beach, and surrounding areas in Los Angeles and Orange County. Call (562) 833-4577 for a free consultation.

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10 Spaces You Can Organize in 1 Hour

10 spaces you can organize in 1 hour organizing tipsGetting organized does not have to be an all day marathon. Although, some projects like kitchens and closets do require more time. There are many spaces in your home that can be transform in about an hour. If you are committed to getting organized but need to ease into the process, start by tackling small spaces that won’t overwhelm you.

  1. Organize your mail. Set up a mail station in your home. A place to sort, file, toss/shred, and recycle mail. You will need an inbox or basket, trash can, recycle can, and file folders to hold bills, action items, and items to be filed.
  2. Organize your medicine cabinet. Toss out expired medication, re-order prescriptions, and re-stock first aid supplies.
  3. Organize your hall closet. Designate a purpose for the closet and then sort through and decide what will stay in the space. If you haven’t used the item in a year, you probably won’t use it again.
  4. Organize your planner. Buy a new planner or calendar and record birthdays, anniversaries, and other important dates and appointments.
  5. Organize your recipes. Start the new year with a new recipe box and toss out any recipes you don’t want or like. Sort through your recipe books and donate or recycle the ones you don’t use.
  6. Organize your laundry. Place a laundry hamper in each bedroom and a main laundry hamper in your laundry room for towels and bedding. Use a small laundry basket to move clean laundry to its destination.
  7. Organize your family chores. Getting your kids to do their chores can be a daily struggle. Create a chore chart and hang it in a place where your kids can see it.
  8. Organize your desk. Remove everything that does not belong on your. Create zones on your desk for your computer, an inbox, notepaper and pens, files, etc. When items have a home, your desk stays neat and you can find things when you need them.
  9. Organize your pets. Find a cabinet or use a container to place your pet’s food, snacks, toys, and accessories. Use an accordion file or binder to safely store vet records, license information, and other important pet documents.
  10. Organize your junk drawer. Take everything out of the drawer and toss out what you don’t need, want, or is broken. Use drawer organizers to keep items organized.


  • Put things away immediately after you use them
  • Spend 5 minutes straightening up after you are done using a space
  • Re-visit the space monthly to make any changes

Uniquely Enhanced Spaces works with busy families who want to eliminate the stuff that fills their home and stresses them out so that they can spend more time enjoying life. Serving Lakewood, Long Beach, and surrounding areas in Los Angeles and Orange County. Call (562) 833-4577 for a free consultation.

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How to Make Toy Bin Tags

toy bin tags

Learn how to make these cute tags

Organizing toys can be a daunting task but having your kid’s keep them organized is an even bigger job. An easy way to help keep toys in their space is to create easy to read tags for the toy bins. I recently worked with a client to help her organize her kids’ playroom and she created these wonderful toy bin tags.

Learn how to make toy bin tags in 4 steps.

Materials you will need:

Photos of the toys in each bin
Self-Adhesive Laminating pouch or a laminator
Label maker
Card stock (optional)
Chain, ribbon, or any other material to attach the tag to the bin

Step 1:

Take photos of each of the toys in the bin and either print them off your computer or have them developed. Costco Photo is very affordable and easy to use.

Step 2:

Take a self-laminating pocket and place the photo inside. Choose a pocket larger than your photo since you will need space on the tag for a label. This step can be tricky; once the photo is placed on the pocket it is difficult to remove. Follow the instructions on the packet for best results.

Step 3:

Use a label maker to print labels for each tag and adhere either above or below your picture.

If you don’t have a label maker you can make labels in Word and then place them directly under the photo on the laminating pouch during step 2. Another way is to glue the photo and the label to a piece of card stock and then laminate the card stock.

Step 4:

toy bin tag

Toy Bin Tags

Depending on your preference, choose a method for attaching the tag to the bin. You can use ribbon, yarn, raffia, chain, or even metal book rings.


Uniquely Enhanced Spaces works with busy families who want to eliminate the stuff that fills their home and stresses them out so that they can spend more time enjoying life. Serving Lakewood, Long Beach, and surrounding areas in Los Angeles and Orange County. Call (562) 833-4577 for a free consultation.

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How to organize your closet in 5 steps

How to organize your closet

The weather may still be warn in your area but now is the perfect time to sort through your closet and make space for your fall clothing. I guarantee you are not alone if the sight of your closet stresses you out. Do you often wear the same clothes because you don’t want to dig through the mess? Do you keep buying the same item over and over again because you forgot that you already owned it? Most people wear only 20% of what is in their closet.

Keep reading to learn how to organize your closet in 5 steps and create a closet you will love.

Step 1
Prep for the Job! You will need to set aside a few hours to finish this job. Depending on the condition of your closet, it may take 2 or more hours. Having someone help you will cut down on the time and make it more tolerable. Also, make some space on the bed or on the floor for sorting clothes. Lastly, grab your favorite beverage, play your favorite music, and get started.

Step 2
Grab some boxes and label them so that you have a box for each of the following:
◦ Donate/Sell
◦ Move (you will keep these items but they belong in another room)
◦ Trash
◦ Not Sure

Step 3
Take everything out of the closet and make immediate decisions as to whether you will keep or toss.

Questions to ask yourself:
◦ Do I love it?
◦ Do I wear it?
◦ Does it make me feel good?

If you answer “no” to any of these questions, then it’s time to give it up. Remember, what you no longer find useful or love may make someone else feel good. Put items to be purged in one of the labeled boxes. For items you are not sure about, put them in the “Not Sure” box to try on later.

Step 4
Put all “keepers” in like piles. For example, pants with pants, blouses with blouses, etc. This gives you a chance to see what you really have in your closet. This is also where you discover what you truly need to invest in and what you already have too much of.

Step 5
Assign zones (areas) in your closet for each type of clothing.

Place items often used within reach and in the front of your closet. Seasonal items and items you don’t use as often can be placed on higher shelves or in the back of your closet.

Make a decision on how you want your closet to look.

  1. You can invest in organizing products such as shoe organizers, rod extenders, bins, and hangers. I always recommend using what you have around the house before you make new purchases.
  2. If you really want to transform your closet you can purchase a closet system from stores such as The Container Store or Ikea.
  3. For a more customized look and a much greater investment, I would suggest hiring a closet organizing company like Closet World or California Closets. These companies will build you a customized closet system.

Learning how to organize your closet is not difficult but it does take time. Following these steps will get your closet in shape for the new season. If it all still sounds overwhelming, I can help you with every step.

Uniquely Enhanced Spaces works with busy families who want to eliminate the stuff that fills their home and stresses them out so that they can spend more time enjoying life. Serving Lakewood, Long Beach, and surrounding areas in Los Angeles and Orange County. Call (562) 833-4577 for a free consultation.

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