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My Top 5 Home Organizing Products

In your search for order and the perfect storage solution, you will find that many home organizing products will help you keep you organized. However, not all products are the same and the products you do choose will depend on your need, your style, and your budget. I have a few products that I love and they have truly made my life more productive. Just so you know these photos are from my home, I actually do use these products.

OXO Good Grips Storage POP Containers

I have to admit, these containers are an investment but they are well worth it. It took me a while to complete my collection but thanks to the coupons from Bed, Bath, and Beyond, my set is complete. I use them in my pantry to store cereal, crackers, rice, nuts, candy, coffee, and popcorn. (second shelf down in the picture) The containers are airtight and very easy to open and close. I also like that they are clear so I do not need to add labels

Lazy Susan

The Lazy Susan is versatile, inexpensive, and it can be used in almost any space. I have one in my pantry to hold cooking oils (3rd shelf down). With a quick spin, I can find whatever I need. This works well in those deep corner cabinets where everything disappears.

Clear Shoe boxes

You can find clear shoe boxes in many sizes: regular shoe box, men’s shoe box, tall shoe box, even a boot box. Hint: ankle boots fit perfectly in the men’s shoe box. I use these boxes for shoes but they can hold toys, paperwork, craft supplies, pantry items. The possibilities are endless and these boxes are affordable. You can find them anywhere but The Container Store sells a variety of sizes

Drawer Organizers

I found this drawer organizer at Bed, Bath, and Beyond and I can’t believe how versatile they are. Similar organizers can be found at Target, Walmart, The Container Store, and Home Goods. I use them for jewelry, belts, and to organize my nightstand drawers.

Desktop File Box

I can’t say enough about the desk top file box. It is the best way to keep your paper organized. I created file folders for my kids, home, and to-do. I also keep a separate desk top box for my business paperwork. The idea is to have your “action” paper in front of you so that you don’t forget about it. This is the place where I keep school schedules and school information for each of my kids. I keep to-do’s and reminders in my “To-Do” folder and any general household paper (pending internet orders, receipts I am keeping short term, etc.) is kept in the “Home” folder.

Need to organize your papers? Check out my Girl’s Night Our Paper Piles workshop on the left margin of this page.

Uniquely Enhanced Spaces helps you manage the clutter and get organized so that you can get more done, find things when you need them, and feel good about your space. Diana Carlos is a professional organizer serving Lakewood, Long Beach, and surrounding areas in Los Angeles County and Orange County.

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Organize Your Spice Cabinet



Photo from Target.com

The spice cabinet is often the most neglected part of the kitchen. I bet that if you were to take a look at your spices you would find at least one expired item. Having your spices in order can make meal prep easier and quicker. Imagine easily reaching for herbs and spices when they are needed and knowing exactly what you have on hand. Spice up your spice cabinet by spending an hour or so organizing and setting up a system that will help you speed up meal prep. Follow 7 simple steps to spice up your spice cabinet:

Take everything out of the cabinet

Spices, herbs, flour, sugar, cooking oil…empty the entire contents of this cabinet. Now, sort through everything and toss out the expired items. I provided some guidelines on expiration dates below. If you don’t remember when you purchased the spice or it no longer has a scent, toss it out. Keep track of expiration dates by placing a small sticker with the month and year of purchase on the bottom of the spice jar.


Replace any spices and herbs that you need. Before you choose an organizer and jars, you need to know how many items you will end up with. So go ahead and purchase the herbs and spices you want to have on hand.

Decide how you want your spices organized

There are various ways to organize your spices, the strategy you choose depends on your preference. You can arrange your spices alphabetically, baking vs. cooking, herb vs. spice, or you can simply place them all together. Decide on what works best for you, the goal is to set them up so that you can find what you need quickly.

Decide where you will keep your spices

Choose a space away from heat sources like the stove, oven, or a window. Your spices will last longer if they are kept at room temperature, away from moisture and heat. Ideally, keep spices near your food prep area so that they are convenient and easy to reach for.

Possible storage spaces include a shelf in a cabinet or pantry, mounted to the inside of a cabinet door or on the wall, in a drawer, or on the countertop. If you are also keeping baking items that require larger containers, like flour and sugar, make sure the area you choose has enough space for larger items.

Choose a spice organizer

I have listed some great choices below!

Choose containers for your spices

The type of container you choose depends on the organizer you will be using. Whether you use the jars that the spices came in or purchase new ones, be sure that the bottles fit in the organizer and are airtight.


Many spices look alike without. Before you transfer spices to new containers, label them. Also, as I mentioned earlier, don’t forget to add a label with the date on the bottom of the container so that you know when to replace the spice.

I hope you find these tips useful and easy to follow. If you think you need help creating the spice cabinet of your dreams, I’m only a phone call away.

Uniquely Enhanced Spaces helps you manage the clutter and get organized so that you can get more done, find things when you need them, and feel good about your space. Diana Carlos is a professional organizer serving Lakewood, Long Beach, and surrounding areas in Los Angeles County and Orange County.

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How to Organize Medical Information

how to organize medical information
Did you know that October is “Organize Your Medical Information Month?” Our medical information is a vital part of our life and keeping it organized and safe is important. Medical information includes medical records from physicians, lab results,  imaging (x-ray/scan) results, medical insurance documents and statements, prescription information, information for medical devices and equipment, and a listing of the doctors you and your family members are under the care of.

You can learn how to organize medical information so that it is easy to find when you need it. The tips below are simple yet effective.

  • Start by sorting through all prescriptions and making a list of the prescription that each family member has. Also, include the expiration date and a re-order date. That way you know exactly when it’s time to phone in a new prescription order.
  • If several family members have prescriptions, store them in separate areas or containers to avoid confusing medications. We store our medication in plastic containers labeled with the name of each family member.
  • Create a space in your home where all medical information will be kept. This could be a file cabinet, file box, or a binder. Create a file or binder for each member of the family and as documents come in, file them away immediately.
  • If you prefer electronic files, scan documents and save them in a file on your computer desktop, a memory stick, or an external hard drive.
  • You can create a simple system where all your information is stored in one file. If you want a more detailed system, you can sort your medical information into categories and create a file or section in a binder for each category. For example, office visits, insurance, lab results, scans/x-rays/imaging, medications, specialists, etc.
  • Don’t forget pets also have medical information. Use the same system to keep your pet’s information organized.

Taking charge of your own medical information is key to making sure you have an active part in your medical care. If your provider does not have an online system that provides you with access to your medical records, start asking for printouts of visit summaries and lab results.

Need help getting your records in shape? Call (562) 833-4577 for a free consultation.

Uniquely Enhanced Spaces helps you manage the clutter and get organized so that you can get more done, find things when you need them, and feel good about your space. Diana Carlos is a professional organizer serving Lakewood, Long Beach, and surrounding areas in Los Angeles County and Orange County.

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Summer Organizing Tips

summer organizing tips


Is your home ready for the summer? I have 5 summer organizing tips to help you summer proof your home so you have more time to enjoy the summer sun.

Clear Winter Out Of The Bedroom Closets

  • Clear out everything that you use in winter
  • Store sweaters and other heavy clothing in plastic containers on your closet shelf or a dry area in your garage
  • Store winter shoes and boots in plastic shoe boxes
  • Summer shoes take up less space so invest in a shoe organizer to keep them handy and in good shape

Create A Hub For Summer In Your Home

  • If you have an entry closet, entryway, or mud room, convert it into a storage space for your summer essentials.
  • Hang light jackets and hats on hooks
  • Use bins or baskets to hold sunscreen, bug repellant, sunglasses, and flip flops
  • Store beach towels and blankets on a shelf or in a container
  • Add a shoe rack or shelf to keep shoes handy when you are running out the door
  • Keep activity tote bags on shelf or on hooks (see below)

Create Activity Tote Bags

Use tote bags to hold the supplies you need for summertime activities and then keep them handy until you need them. Being able to grab a bag and run out the door saves you time and frustration. Put together as many tote bags as you need to hold items for the activities your family does most frequently. You can create a tote bag for each activity or for each family member.

Tote Bag Ideas

Amusement Park
Play Dates
Day Trip/Outing
Road Trip

Stock the Pantry

  • Get your pantry in shape for summer by clearing it out. That’s right, toss out the candy canes from last Christmas and the chocolate from Valentine’s day.
  • Toss out expired food
  • Organize your pantry by food type and place like items together…..canned food, cereal, crackers, coffee, etc.
  • Invest in baskets or bins to store snacks and place them at eye level for easy access

Organize Outdoor Equipment

  • Create a center for keeping outdoor equipment and toys.
  • Use containers to hold items like sports equipment, bubbles, paints, sidewalk chalk, and anything else your family uses in summer. Making it easy for your family to get what they need when they need it, means more time for yourself.
  • Section out some space in the garage or a storage shed. Make sure items are easy and safe to reach.

Uniquely Enhanced Spaces helps busy families eliminate the stuff that fills their home and stresses them out so that they can spend more time enjoying life. Professional organizer serving Lakewood, Long Beach, and surrounding areas in Los Angeles and Orange County. Call (562) 833-4577 for a free consultation.


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Organize Your Laundry Routine


Doing the laundry is definitely a chore and most of us would rather do something else on a Saturday morning. Lack of a laundry routine and a disorganized laundry space makes laundry day even more miserable. Making a few adjustments in your routine and in your laundry room can make the process a little more bearable.

1. Organize with zones

Having an organized space for laundry makes the entire process more manageable and will make it easier for the entire family to help out.

  • • Clean out the junk by removing anything from this room that does not have to do with the laundry.
  • • Arrange items on shelves and cabinets by category: detergents, softeners, stain removers, bleach, etc.
  • • Label shelves, cabinets, and containers to make it easier for all family members to find supplies
  • • If space allows, place laundry baskets in this space for sorting laundry
  • • Create zones in your laundry room to make it easy to find what you need and to keep the room organized.

Laundry Room Zone Ideas
• Area for detergents, stain removers, and other supplies
• Rack for drying clothes
• Small basket for collecting items found in pockets, loose buttons, or missing socks
• Ironing area
• Laundry hampers for dirty clothes
• Laundry basket for transporting clean clothes
• A basket or bag for clothes that need dry cleaning

2. Get the family involved

Even small children can learn to sort laundry. Teach your family to take laundry to the hamper or to sort clothes into laundry hampers. They can also help with emptying the dryer and folding clothes. Older kids can be taught to sort and wash their own clothes. Doing the laundry is definitely a skill we all have to master at some point or another.

3. Create a laundry schedule

Do the laundry on one or two days. For example, clothes on one day and linens on another. If you need to wash more than once a week, usually washing midweek and then again on the weekend works well. For some, doing one or two loads per day works better. This is something you will have to try on your household and then choose what works best.

4. Make it easy to put dirty laundry away

Place a hamper in each bedroom and in the bathroom or laundry room. If you don’t have enough space, place all hampers in one space and then label them according to type of load: whites, light colors, dark colors, and towels/linens.

If you are finding clothes on the floor next to the hamper instead of in the hamper, remove the lid. For kids, place a basketball hoop over the hamper to make putting dirty laundry away more exciting.

5. Develop a routine for dirty laundry

Teach family members to sort and put their own dirty laundry in hampers. When the hamper is full that’s the signal to wash a load or simply follow a weekly schedule. Again, there is no one right way and it’s important to do what works best for your household.

6. Develop a routine for clean laundry

Create a space to hang clothes that must be air dried or laid flat to dry. Put all other clothes in the dryer immediately. There is nothing worse than having to wash the same load twice because it sat in the washing machine for two days. When clothes are dry, sort and give to each family member to fold or place on hangers in the closet.


Uniquely Enhanced Spaces works with busy families who want to eliminate the stuff that fills their home and stresses them out so that they can spend more time enjoying life. We serve Lakewood, Long Beach, and surrounding areas in Los Angeles and Orange County. Call (562) 833-4577 for a free consultation.

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